We offer two services that are both together and separate from each other. A barbershop and a coffee shop (barista). In 2019 it has become a completely new trend where mixed hip concepts like this one emerge! 1 store with 2 products / services. Our mission is to provide top quality services in the way our customers want us to see: with first class service and reliable at attractive prices.

Our barista makes the best coffee while the customer can enjoy the barber who takes care of a customer in a traditional and artisanal way. Drinking coffee gives you a moment of inspiration, energy and experience in smell, appearance and story. When you drink coffee you have a moment for yourself, a moment of conviviality. Something to look forward to. Your barista gives you attention and makes that perfect cup of coffee especially for you. Drinking coffee is also a (somewhat) affordable luxury. It is one of the simplest glories in life.



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