Cuts' N Coffee is a distinctive concept with both barbering activities and the exploitation of a catering concept (barista, sale of coffee). Our idea is therefore to be different from other barbers and catering companies. Where you can go for a haircut and / or a nice cup of coffee with delicious delicacy on the coast.

We are mainly concerned with styling, shaving, cutting and caring for men's hair and beards. Think of: working with a clipper or a razor in a traditional way where you actually get a real treatment by leaning back a bit in your chair and only having to enjoy a "good cup of coffee". Shaving the beard is therefore done with a very sharp razor that is sharpened on leather bands. As it was not in the past, men have become very attached to their beards again in recent years, which has made it a trend to wear a groomed beard again. In other words, the beard is the man's make-up!


Haircut Men €23,50
Haircut Student €17,50
Haircut Kids t/m 12jr. €12,50
Haircut ‘N Beard €30,00
Clean Shave €15,00
Clean Shave ‘N Beard €20,00
Beard Shave €8,50
Beard Trim €10,00
Beard Style €12,50


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